There have been various questions on fop-user recently regarding the RTF
output of FOP. Personally I’m incapable of helping in this area, and
also most unwilling to.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I suspect that in the current team there is
about one person who could help / modify the code, and who wouldn’t be
very willing to either.

More and more often people who ask questions regarding RTF are answered
that going the OpenDocument (or similar XML format) route might be more
successful. So, I’m wondering if we shouldn’t drop support for RTF in
the next release.

Not completely, of course, but basically we wouldn’t advertise it, and
say that RTF support is provided as is, is no longer maintained, and
that users are on their own when using it. That way they would at least
be aware of the risks of going that route.


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