Hi Mark,

Mark C. Allman a écrit :
> Drop RTF with nothing to replace it, e.g., ODF?  I'd rather not.
> Swap out RTF with, say, ODF?  Sounds great to me.
> I'd even volunteer some time to help with development.  I seem to
> remember something about Java.... ;-]

Thanks for your offer to help!

However... would that make sense to produce ODF from XSL-FO? There is no
semantic construction at all in FO, whereas there is some in ODF. The
other way around looks much more useful to me; as style informations are
stored using FO, this should be very easy to convert an ODF document
into plain XSL-FO.

Typically the transformation chain:
    XML —> XSL-FO —+—> RTF
                   +—> PDF
would be replaced by:
    XML —+—> XSL-FO —> PDF
         +—> ODF


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