Nicol Bolas wrote:
> ... I'm sorry. That didn't make sense.
> Could you please repeat it, using something more closely resembling actual
> English? I don't actually understand your point or even what your sentences
> are trying to say.
It wouldn't make more sense if I'd try to say it in other words. Was my fault 
to try to express it in a language different from my mother tongue. (And it 
would be even harder for me to explain it even as native speaker to transport 
the idea of accepting things that don't make sense in any logical way but get 
payed at least.)

So please drop RTF-export, 'cause it doesn't make sense to transform anything 
expressable by XSL-FO to something that 70% of Ā«business peopleĀ» use every day. 
And that's why everybody should get used to talk, write and understand XSL-FO. 
BTW, did you recognize that not even FOP is fully XSL-FO capable and some of 
the ideas behind XSL-FO can't be transformed with it to...Post Script? So 
please also drop XSL-FO-parsing-support from FOP.

To sum it up: my sentences don't try to say anything, that's why I'll do 
something different than wasting energy by sending mails to that list. I'm not 
pissed nor disappointed but I'm not eager enough to teach philosophy to 
everybody and start with the meaning of life to explain my point of view 'bout 
FOP and RTF-support. If it still doesn't make sense to you: I ought to start 
drinking before stop thinking.


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