Jeremias Maerki wrote:

I wanted to plug in the new image package into the AFPRenderer in the
branch and found out that I cannot even render the simplest of SVGs
(like [1]) after the addition of the Graphics2D implementation here. The
image is painted but much too small and in the wrong place.

The example [1] you provide is very small (only 16pt in width and height). I have tested the Graphics2D implementation with a number of complicated SVG examples (tax return forms, fractal patterns etc). All my tests were done AFP-Lookup Professional, AFP Explorer and IBM's AFP Workbench Viewer (which is essentially the same app as the IE plugin), as I've found all of these products to be lacking in some way so I use all of them for the purposes of software testing. When I'm happy with how the software is interpreting the AFP byte codes I do a hard copy test by sending it to a queue on IBM's Infoprint Manager where it is serviced by an IBM Infoprint 1585. Could I ask you how you are testing your AFP output and what the context is of referencing the svg file in your fo?

Furthermore, I noticed that there are NullPointerExceptions as soon as a
user calls AFPGraphics2D.create() because the parent values are not
copied from the parent Graphics2D in the copy constructor.

This is an oversight in my testing, I tested its use only through AFPSVGHandler (which is the standard way it is handled). I will fix the copy constructor.


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