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I have tested the AFP output with a number of applications and the AFPRenderer is at fault here. The GOCA should have been included as part of an overlay rather than just added to the current page. But in doing so would break the current way that documents are constructed by the AFP datastream.

Another issue which is related to this implementation is the more general way that resources (images/graphics/fonts etc) are handled (or not). Currently the AFP renderer simply creates a new copy of the resource object with a unique name and embeds it directly in the current page. So I am looking at adding some flexibility here so that resource objects are not duplicated and are instead included and stored (keeping their original source name) within a resource group. A configurable option will also be provided so you are able to set the level at which you would like the resources to be stored (externally, print-file, document, page-group or page). When this is done I will use the this new implementation to include graphics objects correctly.


Jeremias Maerki wrote:

do you have an update on this topic? It would be good to know if the IE
plug-in is at fault or the AFPRenderer.

On 14.12.2007 15:31:19 Jeremias Maerki wrote:
FO file is attached (to be run from the FOP root directory).

Expectation: see out.pdf
Effective output in AFP plug-in for IE: see screenshot-ie-afp.png

(produced with FOP Trunk rev 604185)

It could very well be that the IE plug-in has a problem here. I have no
other viewer to check against.

On 14.12.2007 14:58:39 Adrian Cumiskey wrote:
Jeremias Maerki wrote:
I only have the IE plugin. No AFP hardware to test with. snif.

Basically, it was just a:
  <fo:external-graphic src="test/resources/images/img-w-size.svg"/>

No special configuration (i.e. the defaults). Really the simplest of
possible cases and it came out wrong.
How did you expect it to come out?  How do you think it is wrong?


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