Hi all

Reason for this question is I'm trying out a test-suite that was shared by Kumar Puppala (see a recent thread on fop-users).

The image formats are the same (PNG), and they are never present.

Mostly, when the images are not available, I simply see an error in the log, but the process continues nevertheless, and simply yields a result that does not include the image. Apparently, though, for some images, the formatting process crashes with a FileNotFoundException for the very same reason. (in xmlgraphics.image.loader.cache.ImageCache.needImageInfo(), when the cache is accessed through the ImageManager, from fop.render.pdf.PDFRenderer.putImage())

AFAICT, this is caused by the width/height and content-width/content- height properties being explicitly specified (leads to the FNFE). If they revert to their initial values, the renderer is able to continue without having to open the file.

So, small question:
Wouldn't it be possible and cleaner to make the behavior more consistent? Either crash or continue with an error-message in the log, for all absent images, but not depending on whether the user specified explicit values for the image dimensions?

Just wondering. Not that I have a strong preference in either direction, but I just thought it might confuse our users if they see FOP recover from the error in one case, and crash in others...



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