I would think the default should be to continue (warning in
LOG/stdout) create an empty (blank/transparent) container the size and
placement of the image.

It would be nifty if it could be a flag in the config or CLI args
giving the user the choiice to fail on missing images.


On 2/16/08, Andreas Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all
> Reason for this question is I'm trying out a test-suite that was
> shared by Kumar Puppala (see a recent thread on fop-users).
> The image formats are the same (PNG), and they are never present.
> Mostly, when the images are not available, I simply see an error in
> the log, but the process continues nevertheless, and simply yields a
> result that does not include the image.
> Apparently, though, for some images, the formatting process crashes
> with a FileNotFoundException for the very same reason.
> (in xmlgraphics.image.loader.cache.ImageCache.needImageInfo(), when
> the cache is accessed through the ImageManager, from
> fop.render.pdf.PDFRenderer.putImage())
> AFAICT, this is caused by the width/height and content-width/content-
> height properties being explicitly specified (leads to the FNFE). If
> they revert to their initial values, the renderer is able to continue
> without having to open the file.
> So, small question:
> Wouldn't it be possible and cleaner to make the behavior more
> consistent? Either crash or continue with an error-message in the
> log, for all absent images, but not depending on whether the user
> specified explicit values for the image dimensions?
> Just wondering. Not that I have a strong preference in either
> direction, but I just thought it might confuse our users if they see
> FOP recover from the error in one case, and crash in others...
> Cheers
> Andreas

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