Andreas Delmelle wrote:
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OTOH, I feel compelled to mention that attempting to kill a raised, perfectly legitimate issue in an unreasonable way (by taking it to be a personal offense), may alienate some people...

That said, I would myself probably take it as a personal offence too if
I were told “I wonder if you’ve spent one second thinking about...” or
if I were accused of “after me the flood” mentality. If Adrian certainly
didn’t handle the situation perfectly, neither did Jeremias.

In the end, I go along with Chris when reminding that e-mail is a cold
form of communication, which more than any other form should encourage
/everyone/ to make an effort to remain courteous. Trying hard to
understand the other’s point of view before replying may help, too. The
thread leaves me with a whole feeling of misunderstandings.



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