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did you use the checkstyle-5.0.xml from FOP or the default SUN profile? I'm currently not able to start IDEA, but two days ago as I downloaded the plugin, I noticed that the SUn profile was active and I had to define the FOP profile. And if you define the FOP profile, you will properly notice that the header thing did not work. Its a path inclusion problem of the header.* file. I did not have a solution for it, I just commended it out for now.

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Jonathan Levinson wrote:

I’ve installed the Checkstyle plugin for IDEA and the current code when scanned by the plugin shows lots of Checkstyle errors.

Here are some errors scanning BlockStackingLayoutManager.java:

Missing package-info.java file (0:0)

Line is longer than 80 characters. (18:0)

First sentence should end with a period (53:0)

Variable ‘bpUnit’ must be private and have accessor methods. (61:19)

What does it mean to have clean code according to “Checkstyle”?

Is my plugin misconfigured? Is it by default at too strict a setting?

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