Hi Vincent,

in Intellij Idea, I have also annoying yellow marks in my code. So if
the common policy is to not violate any warning, I won't do that.

Best Regards

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On Thu, 2009-10-01 at 10:41 +0100, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> Hi Alexander,
> Alexander Kiel wrote:
> > Hi Vincent,
> > 
> >> Should the rule be disabled because of that? Having proper javadoc on at
> >> least public methods is very important. OTOH, this is actually not
> >> something Checkstyle can verify. How many methods in the code base have
> >> totally useless comments that are there just to avoid a Checkstyle
> >> warning...
> >>
> >> I think I’d prefer to keep the rule, but wouldn’t veto its removal.
> > 
> > I don't vote for removal too, I only vote for the right to violate it in
> > cases one can't add any useful information in the comment.
> Hmmm, I think that once we’ve agreed on a Checkstyle config we really
> want to follow, we won’t accept any warning at all. It was my intent to
> propose that anyway. I think it’s more annoying to have little yellow
> exclamation marks attached to every file that contains Checkstyle
> warnings (in Eclipse, at least), than have dull javadoc comments.
> Vincent

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