We've written down some thoughts about the topic some time ago:
But there were no further actions on this.

On 27.10.2010 20:11:29 Patrick Jaromin wrote:
> Early last year I implemented copyfitting and flexible layouts into our
> FOP-based rendering process by locally branching FOP 0.95, adding my
> own listener/event mechanism and FO extensions, and a pre-processor that
> implements the copyfitting strategies through an iterative process of
> render-modify-render-...
> I'm hoping to upgrade to the FOP 1.0 codebase and rather than branching
> and re-implementing my hacks, I'd prefer to extend the base in a more
> maintainable way that perhaps others could also benefit from.
> Before I embark on this process (or even discuss it in more depth) I
> figured I'd see if anyone else has made any movements on this or has
> any thoughts. My system uses my own namespace/attributes, however I would
> likely adopt the specifications outlined in XSL:FO 2.0 working draft
> (http://www.w3.org/TR/xslfo20/#req_2_1_4).
> Thoughts/Comments?
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