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sorry for the late reply:
We've written down some thoughts about the topic some time ago:
But there were no further actions on this.
I just wanted to clarify: copyfitting is different from whitespace management. The difference is that copyfitting is about making adjustments to font sizes and other attributes to make an object of unknown size fit into pre-defined space. The size of the object is not known until runtime but the space we allocate for the object is known at design time.

Whitespace management is where we have space of unknown size, e.g. remaining space on a page, and we have several alternative objects. The object chosen to be placed into the space of unknown size, depends on which objects fits the space best at layout stage.

I hope I have explained the difference clearly.



On 27.10.2010 20:11:29 Patrick Jaromin wrote:
Early last year I implemented copyfitting and flexible layouts into our
FOP-based rendering process by locally branching FOP 0.95, adding my
own listener/event mechanism and FO extensions, and a pre-processor that
implements the copyfitting strategies through an iterative process of

I'm hoping to upgrade to the FOP 1.0 codebase and rather than branching
and re-implementing my hacks, I'd prefer to extend the base in a more
maintainable way that perhaps others could also benefit from.

Before I embark on this process (or even discuss it in more depth) I
figured I'd see if anyone else has made any movements on this or has
any thoughts. My system uses my own namespace/attributes, however I would
likely adopt the specifications outlined in XSL:FO 2.0 working draft


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