Yeah, I recall reading this wiki page back when I started looking into this. In 
my case, there aren't alternative contents -- I needed to adjust various 
properties of the contents -- namely the font-size and line-spacing.

In my system, custom attributes are added to the fo:block-container element 
that look something like:

myrx:copyfit-strategy="min-opt-max" myrx:copyfit-ruleset="font(36,20,80,1) 

This would notify the copyfitter to first adjust the font, starting at 36pt and 
increment/decrement by 1pt until best fit. Then it will adjust the linespacing 
the same way. There can be as many rulesets as the refinement can 
continue, though at the cost of more iterations.

In my initial version I hacked in my own layout listener that I could register 
to be notified of overflows in various layout manager classes. The actual 
adjustments take place outside of FOP. Back when I did this, I noticed the 
EventProducer interfaces in HEAD, however there were rendering issues with the 
code in HEAD at the time so I was unable to use it.

Reviewing FOP 1.0, it looks like I should be able to use the EventBroadcaster 
to be notified of the overflow events I need...though I haven't worked out if I 
will have everything I need from the event. I was passing up the FObj in the 
event. I'll need to dig some more.

Ideally I would be able to make the adjustments and perform another pass within 
the main render process instead of kicking off a new trial render each time 
there's at least one overflowing section. However, it's unclear to me how this 
could work, or even if it's practical/possible as, if I remember correctly, the 
attributes I'd need to modify are read only by this point in the process. If 
there's a way to make this work as part of the core renderer or as some kind of 
plugin to it, I'd be happy to see if I can get the budget and contribute the 

BTW: In reviewing the code, it looks like LineLayoutManager line #385, the 
event is only thrown if the log level is WARN. Bug?


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We've written down some thoughts about the topic some time ago:
But there were no further actions on this.

On 27.10.2010 20:11:29 Patrick Jaromin wrote:
> Early last year I implemented copyfitting and flexible layouts into our
> FOP-based rendering process by locally branching FOP 0.95, adding my
> own listener/event mechanism and FO extensions, and a pre-processor that
> implements the copyfitting strategies through an iterative process of
> render-modify-render-...
> I'm hoping to upgrade to the FOP 1.0 codebase and rather than branching
> and re-implementing my hacks, I'd prefer to extend the base in a more
> maintainable way that perhaps others could also benefit from.
> Before I embark on this process (or even discuss it in more depth) I
> figured I'd see if anyone else has made any movements on this or has
> any thoughts. My system uses my own namespace/attributes, however I would
> likely adopt the specifications outlined in XSL:FO 2.0 working draft
> (
> Thoughts/Comments?
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