On 11/05/2011 08:11, Pascal Sancho wrote:
Hi Darshan,

Hi Pascal,

Le 09/05/2011 23:28, darshan pradhan a écrit :
Thank you for the reply. While I was looking at old open issues that
haven't been closed, I came across
https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=47279 , this bug
seems to have been fixed. I tried creating a pdf from a xml using xsl
without specifying any font-name, and setting the font-weight to bold. I
didn't get any warning messages form the conversion. Should I change the
state of the bug form open to resolved?
As said in issue comments, the test case should send warnings, if this
is not the case, then the issues should remain opened.

Sorry Pascal, but I don't see any comment from yourself on bugzilla 47279. Vincent created that bugzilla and the only comment is due to the attachment of a test case.

Also, IIUC, the problem was that font warnings were logged when no reference were made to those exact families and weights. Therefore the bug is fixed when the warnings don't appear when running the test case. it would be good to know which commit actually resolved the warnings though, so we can be certain it works in a generic way and the test case isn't fixed by accident.



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