> > > Ninth, spending time changing variable names is a waste of time when I
> > could
> > > be working on adding support for other scripts.
> >
> > So someone else is going to have to waste all that time converting those
> > names into more readable ones. That’s a bit unfair, isn’t it?
> >
> I would advise against anyone wasting their time by changing my names.
> Indeed, I will likely react very negatively to such an attempt. What you
> want to do in your code is your business, but don't imagine you are going to
> start rewriting my code to meet your style. Or at least don't do so if you
> wish me to be a part of this team.
> I would take such an action as a direct affront.

This is a big no. At the moment you hand in your code to FOP, it
belongs to the community. Anyone can touch it. That is where team
membership kicks in. Team members trust each other not to do bad
things to the code.
> If in the indefinite future I am not working on this code, then feel free to
> change it as you like. In the mean time, I'd appreciate a little respect.

Respect yes, but not touching it, no.

Simon Pepping

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