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> > > > Ninth, spending time changing variable names is a waste of time when
> I
> > > could
> > > > be working on adding support for other scripts.
> > >
> > > So someone else is going to have to waste all that time converting
> those
> > > names into more readable ones. That’s a bit unfair, isn’t it?
> > >
> >
> > I would advise against anyone wasting their time by changing my names.
> > Indeed, I will likely react very negatively to such an attempt. What you
> > want to do in your code is your business, but don't imagine you are going
> to
> > start rewriting my code to meet your style. Or at least don't do so if
> you
> > wish me to be a part of this team.
> >
> > I would take such an action as a direct affront.
> This is a big no. At the moment you hand in your code to FOP, it
> belongs to the community. Anyone can touch it. That is where team
> membership kicks in. Team members trust each other not to do bad
> things to the code.
> >
> > If in the indefinite future I am not working on this code, then feel free
> to
> > change it as you like. In the mean time, I'd appreciate a little respect.
> Respect yes, but not touching it, no.

I did not say or imply hands off, so of course I presume that anyone can
touch it. Why do you insist on reading me otherwise?

However, if someone actually renamed my variables after I have declared my
position, then I would interpret that as "doing bad things to the code". In
fact, i would revert such a change.

If folks aren't willing to respect my style of coding along with my promise
to document short names, then I will withdraw my request for a merge and
abrogate my ICLA. I would not wish my work to be used in a community that
does not have sufficient respect for personal coding styles of contributors
that do not in any way vary from documented conventions.

> Simon Pepping

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