> However, if someone actually renamed my variables after I have declared my 
> position, then I would interpret that as "doing bad things to the code". In 
> fact, i would revert such a change.
> If folks aren't willing to respect my style of coding along with my promise 
> to document short names, then I will withdraw my request for a merge and 
> abrogate my ICLA. I would not wish my work to be used in a community that 
> does not have sufficient respect for personal coding styles of contributors 
> that do not in any way vary from documented conventions.

This is a long thread and my hope is that we will be able to resolve it 
amicably, and that our community can grow from this experience. 

The ComplexScripts functionality being merged is a valued and important 
addition to the Apache FOP Project. 

More important than the code to me personally, is the continued community and 
its growth. 

FOP is a community built around a common desire to create a robust and open 
source tool for generating XSL Formatting Output in various common formats for 
print, screen, archival and transfer purposes.  

There is an expressed concern about code readability and reusability. What 
concerns me most is that this may cause division.

I'm concerned about the level of compromise and intent. It may take more of a 
stretch on each or our parts to move forward.


"My religion is simple. My religion is kindness."
- HH The Dalai Lama of Tibet

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