There is little room for individuality in a coding community.
I'd say it doesn't matter what you call your variables as long as
someone who's never seen the code can understand the purpose through the
name and/or comments, and they conform to any predefined naming standard
for the project.
Ages ago all variables had short names because disk space and/or memory
was at a premium.  Today that shouldn't be an excuse.
Try to avoid overly simplistic names like x1 unless they have overly
simplistic purpose (create, use, destroy within a 5 line method), and
try to avoid overly verbose names.
As long as what you write makes sense I'd agree with you no one should
change the code simply for the sake of personal preference.
You should certainly change it if you don't want someone else to change
it if someone unfamiliar with it can't understand it.
If they're changing your names that should be fine as long as they're
fixing a bug or enhancing something where the name change makes sense to
go with the new logic.


From: Glenn Adams [] 
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 3:56 AM
Subject: Re: Merge Request - Temp_ComplexScripts into Trunk

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 3:41 PM, Simon Pepping <>

        > > > Ninth, spending time changing variable names is a waste of
time when I
        > > could
        > > > be working on adding support for other scripts.
        > >
        > > So someone else is going to have to waste all that time
converting those
        > > names into more readable ones. That's a bit unfair, isn't
        > >
        > I would advise against anyone wasting their time by changing
my names.
        > Indeed, I will likely react very negatively to such an
attempt. What you
        > want to do in your code is your business, but don't imagine
you are going to
        > start rewriting my code to meet your style. Or at least don't
do so if you
        > wish me to be a part of this team.
        > I would take such an action as a direct affront.
        This is a big no. At the moment you hand in your code to FOP, it
        belongs to the community. Anyone can touch it. That is where
        membership kicks in. Team members trust each other not to do bad
        things to the code.
        > If in the indefinite future I am not working on this code,
then feel free to
        > change it as you like. In the mean time, I'd appreciate a
little respect.
        Respect yes, but not touching it, no.

I did not say or imply hands off, so of course I presume that anyone can
touch it. Why do you insist on reading me otherwise?

However, if someone actually renamed my variables after I have declared
my position, then I would interpret that as "doing bad things to the
code". In fact, i would revert such a change.

If folks aren't willing to respect my style of coding along with my
promise to document short names, then I will withdraw my request for a
merge and abrogate my ICLA. I would not wish my work to be used in a
community that does not have sufficient respect for personal coding
styles of contributors that do not in any way vary from documented

        Simon Pepping

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