Seven committers voted. There were five +1 votes and no -1 votes. There
was one -0.9 vote and one -0 vote.

According to the Project Charter three +1 ('yes' votes) with no -1
('no' votes or vetoes) are needed to approve a significant code
change. Therefore the proposal to merge the Temp_ComplexScripts branch
into trunk has been accepted.

Thank you for voting. I acknowledge that Vincent and Peter are not
convinced of the wisdom of this decision. I hope we can all move
forward with this new situation.


On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 10:31:43AM +0200, Simon Pepping wrote:
> With his latest patch, Glenn Adams wrote:
> With this latest patch I am satisfied that there is sufficient testing and
> stability in the CS branch to support its merger into trunk. Therefore, I
> request that such a merge be accomplished after applying patch 5 to the CS
> branch.
> ... snip ...
> Note that there remains work to be done on CS support, including adding
> support for:
>    - additional scripts
>    - additional output formats
> At present, support is provided for:
>    - Arabic, Hebrew, and Devanagari Scripts
>    - PDF output format
> I expect that additional support for other scripts and formats will be added
> over time, either by myself, or other members of the community. However, the
> absence of support for all complex scripts and all output formats should not
> be a deterrent to active use of the support already present. It is now a
> good time to broaden the user community of the CS features, and the best way
> to do that is to bring it into the trunk at this time.
> End of quote
> Following this request, I herewith propose to merge the branch
> Temp_ComplexScripts into trunk, and launch a formal vote.
> I vote positive: +1
> For the rules of voting about code commits, see the project charter,
> article 11,
> Simon Pepping

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