could you provide a link to the "Google Summer of Code Project"? how does
it relate to ASF and FOP activities?

On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 3:50 AM, mehdi houshmand <> wrote:

> Hi,
> We're thinking of submitting a proposal or two to the Google Summer of
> Code project and wanted to get some input from the community on ideas.
> Once we've got a few proposals I'll create a wiki page and put all the
> ideas on there, but for now I just wanted to gauge interest.
> In terms of mentoring, I'm happy to be a mentor and I've registered as
> one and if any other committers fancy the job, do register, the more
> the merrier. The deadline is 9th March, so that doesn't give us long
> to bounce around ideas, but here are a few I was thinking:
> - There have been recent discussions between Jeremias, myself and
> others about extracting the Fonts packages into their own library. I
> think this would be a great idea for a project because essentially it
> only involves a few, well defined specifications (TTF, Type1 etc) and
> doesn't expose the person to too much complexity. The way I'd suggest
> this to be done, is by re-writing rather than porting, that way it
> gives the person much more flexibility and also the current code would
> give them good tips and tricks on how to deal with parsing fonts.
> - TTF in AFP. I know we still have the TrueTypeInPostScript branch
> flying around, and however much I'd like to fob that onto someone
> else, I don't think it's fair to do so. I have no idea how long this
> project would take, but I think FOP could really benefit from it.
> Currently we're forcing users to use AFP fonts for AFP documents, a
> lot of which are archaic and use EBCDIC, for those of you who haven't
> been exposed to EBCDIC, count yourself lucky.
> There may be something to do with PCL?? I'm not at all familiar with
> the format, but I do remember discussions about upgrading to a newer
> PCL standard? I'd be happy to acquaint myself with the format if
> there's interest in the idea.
> Hopefully we can get a proposal together in time.
> Mehdi

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