Hi Clay,

Thanks for looking into this!

Just curious about a few things:

On 18/03/12 18:10, The Web Maestro wrote:
> Hi folks,
> You may've noticed some shenanigans as I was preparing the XML
> Graphics site to the new ASF CMS system. In particular, I've added
> xmlgraphics/site/trunk/ and xmlgraphics/site/branches/ in preparation
> of the CMS deployment.
> My intention is to build the web site in CMS, and then having
> discussions, etc. *before* converting the site! There should
> definitely be advance notice prior to the change.

So both sites would co-exist for a while, only the Forrest-generated one
being visible from xmlgraphics.apache.org ATM? Is it possible to have
(and play with) a preview of the CMS version?

> If in my stumbling, an issue occurs with premature deployment I will
> work quickly to resolve! That would certainly not be my intention, but
> accidents happen! I am doing my best to ensure that does *not* happen!
> My current plan is to put some day-to-day pages in the CMS, and then
> export all Forrest-based documentation to Markdown formatted
> documents, for import to the CMS system according to this plugin:
> http://forrest.apache.org/pluginDocs/plugins_0_80/org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.Markdown/

Does that mean that we would be eventually phasing out Forrest
altogether and store the documentation directly in the CMS?

Also, is there any chance that we will be able to factorize content that
is common to all XML Graphics websites? Among other things, I’m thinking
of the ApacheCon events. ATM we have to update them on each of the 4 XML
Graphics websites, which is a real pain.

> At present I don't have an ETA, but I hope to make good progress over
> the coming weeks.

There’s no rush ATM, but if for any reason you think you won’t be able
to complete this by, say, the start of the summer, could you let us
know? We will try to take over from where you’ve got.

Good luck,

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