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> A change that I personally welcome. Quite frankly the PDF versions of
> our web pages look terrible and don’t do honour to FOP. And I’ve never
> been comfortable enough with Forrest to change the way they look. And
> I must say, I don’t have the energy to learn enough of Forrest to be
> able to do it.
> I’m happy with the all-CMS and Markdown approach, especially if it can
> give our website a 21st century look.
> Vincent

Apologies for the making you create a new /dev/null^H^H^H^H^H mail rule to
re-direct buildbot msgs...

Well, we don't quite have the 21st century look I was hoping for yet, but
I've got a few pages on the new staging site:


We're still very prelminary. I haven't done much with the look & feel yet,
but we're on our way... It took me a bit to get Forrest outputting
'MarkDown' format (insert story about Mac OS X, downgrading Java, and
multiple versions of Forrest).

I need to figure out how to make a sidebar/navigation bar (I'm hoping for a
common one!). I also need to get sub project pages up.

Of course, I/we have yet to determine exactly how we'll go about handling
the Documentation.

If you'd like to start messing around, you can start here:


and this'll help:



Web Maestro Clay

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