On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 11:45 AM, Vincent Hennebert
<vhenneb...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> My intention is to build the web site in CMS, and then having
>> discussions, etc. *before* converting the site! There should
>> definitely be advance notice prior to the change.
> So both sites would co-exist for a while, only the Forrest-generated one
> being visible from xmlgraphics.apache.org ATM? Is it possible to have
> (and play with) a preview of the CMS version?

That's the plan...

>> If in my stumbling, an issue occurs with premature deployment I will
>> work quickly to resolve! That would certainly not be my intention, but
>> accidents happen! I am doing my best to ensure that does *not* happen!
>> My current plan is to put some day-to-day pages in the CMS, and then
>> export all Forrest-based documentation to Markdown formatted
>> documents, for import to the CMS system according to this plugin:
>> http://forrest.apache.org/pluginDocs/plugins_0_80/org.apache.forrest.plugin.output.Markdown/
> Does that mean that we would be eventually phasing out Forrest
> altogether and store the documentation directly in the CMS?

Yes. We hope to phase out Forrest... All content changes will occur in the CMS.

Part of the process will *hopefully* involve migrating our current
docs from Forrest to Markdown styled pages using the above Forrest
Markdown plugin.

> Also, is there any chance that we will be able to factorize content that
> is common to all XML Graphics websites? Among other things, I’m thinking
> of the ApacheCon events. ATM we have to update them on each of the 4 XML
> Graphics websites, which is a real pain.

It will all be one site, so that will no longer be an issue.

>> At present I don't have an ETA, but I hope to make good progress over
>> the coming weeks.
> There’s no rush ATM, but if for any reason you think you won’t be able
> to complete this by, say, the start of the summer, could you let us
> know? We will try to take over from where you’ve got.

Will do!

> Good luck,
> Vincent


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