Dear All,

can you hypothetically imagine any way how to convert virtual page objects
to the office document structure? I actually I think of 'Slides' to PPTX
(XSLF) conversion.

There is not an easy way to produce paginated PPTX content using pure XSLT.
But FOP has all the required info somewhere in the memory before serializing
it into PDF, which could be somehow pushed to POI.

Why do I even need this? It is a real requirement to distrubute our slides
(XML -> PDF by default) also in PPTX to tailor the given training to the
target audience (by trainers on site).

The best solution I've found so far is Acrobat's PDF -> PPTX conversion. But
even this is sometimes buggy.

I think this would be a killer feature not available even in professional

Thanks, Jan

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