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I know pptx a bit, because I had to implement an output channel based mainly on XSLT and a little bit of java (used mainly for zip compression). Pptx is hard to understand because of all the cross references between the different files, but that wouldn't justify to add another dependency to FOP. So +1 for adding a pptx output to FOP, but I'd recommend doing it without POI.


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On 2015-05-27 Jan Tosovsky wrote:
On 2015-05-25 Andreas Delmelle wrote:
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it seems like it may just be possible to achieve something like
this by means of FOP's Intermediate Formats[*], which can already
be utilised to split up the basic formatting and rendering
This approach could theoretically elimintate POI completely as most
of IF -> PPTX could be done via XSLT ;-)
But it is too low level for me.
Can you clarify? Not sure I am completely following here... Is POI
*not* low level, then?

I meant PPTX side, mainly various 'dictionaries'. When e.g. a new slide is
added, its ID is registered in the main file. The slide is derived from a
default template, which must be linked via its ID. Slides can have
annotations, there is also a special template for them, it has to be linked
to the slide as well, and so on...

This cross referencing in POI is out of the box. You just add a new slide
and all references are updated automatically. Yes, it is doable in pure
XSLT, but with additional effort.

Another thing is bulding the final PPTX file.
What you rather vaguely describe as "the required info somewhere in the
memory before serializing it into PDF" for FOP basically *is* the Area
Tree. The AT and IF XML formats are just XML representations of said
info, so seems like you would not get around it either way...?
I simply didn't know that.

Thanks for explanation,


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