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> On 27 May 2015, at 21:22, Jan Tosovsky <j.tosov...@email.cz> wrote:
> On 2015-05-25 Andreas Delmelle wrote:
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>> it seems like it may just be possible to achieve something like 
>> this by means of FOP's Intermediate Formats[*], which can already
>> be utilised to split up the basic formatting and rendering processes.
> This approach could theoretically elimintate POI completely as most of IF ->
> PPTX could be done via XSLT ;-)

Right... I got to thinking that as well. 
Of course, that happened only after I had already sent this. :)

> But it is too low level for me.

Can you clarify? Not sure I am completely following here... Is POI *not* low 
level, then? 
I mean: it is basically an API to read/write MS Office document formats, so 
would require some additional code as well, albeit Java instead of XSLT?

What you rather vaguely describe as "the required info somewhere in the memory 
before serializing it into PDF" for FOP basically *is* the Area Tree. The AT 
and IF XML formats are just XML representations of said info, so seems like you 
would not get around it either way...?

That said, I feel like I may be missing a crucial piece of info here.

> Anyway, I'll investigate also POI end.

OK, cool. If you do see a way that the fop-dev team can be of assistance, feel 
free to report back here.



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