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On 2015-05-27 Andreas Delmelle wrote:
> On 2015-05-27 Jan Tosovsky wrote:
> > On 2015-05-25 Andreas Delmelle wrote:
> > > <snip />
> > > it seems like it may just be possible to achieve something like
> > > this by means of FOP's Intermediate Formats[*], which can already
> > > be utilised to split up the basic formatting and rendering
> > > processes.
> >
> > This approach could theoretically elimintate POI completely as most
> > of IF -> PPTX could be done via XSLT ;-)
> > But it is too low level for me.
> Can you clarify? Not sure I am completely following here... Is POI
> *not* low level, then?

I meant PPTX side, mainly various 'dictionaries'. When e.g. a new slide is
added, its ID is registered in the main file. The slide is derived from a
default template, which must be linked via its ID. Slides can have
annotations, there is also a special template for them, it has to be linked
to the slide as well, and so on...

This cross referencing in POI is out of the box. You just add a new slide
and all references are updated automatically. Yes, it is doable in pure
XSLT, but with additional effort.

Another thing is bulding the final PPTX file.
> What you rather vaguely describe as "the required info somewhere in the
> memory before serializing it into PDF" for FOP basically *is* the Area
> Tree. The AT and IF XML formats are just XML representations of said
> info, so seems like you would not get around it either way...?

I simply didn't know that.

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