Hi Jan, Matthias,

> On 28 May 2015, at 21:29, Jan Tosovsky <j.tosov...@email.cz> wrote:
> Hi Matthias,
> On 2015-05-27 Matthias Reischenbacher wrote:
>> I know pptx a bit, because I had to implement an output channel based
>> mainly on XSLT and a little bit of java (used mainly for zip
>> compression). 
> Just for curiosity, what was the source format? Could this conversion be
> open-sourced?
>> +1 for adding a pptx output to FOP, but I'd recommend doing it without
> POI.
> I am afraid it would lead to lots of code duplication. My idea was rather a
> dedicated project dependent on both 'libraries', utilizing the best of both
> worlds.

Matthias does make a good point about the dependency.

In the meantime, having given Jan's replies from yesterday and today some 
further thought, I was thinking it may be possible to take the route of adding 
a SAX ContentHandler to the processing chain that translates the events from 
the AreaTreeHandler or the IFHandler into POI API calls... Something like that?

I have to agree with the position that adding a hard dependency on POI would be 
too much, but maybe it could have merit as a plugin / optional runtime 
dependency (?) Sort of like how one currently needs the PDFBox plugin to 
include PDFs via fox:external-document ?

If one wanted to use it, it would be technically possible and not too hard to 
achieve, but it would not come out of the box, i.e. POI would not be required 
to compile and build FOP.

Ideas...? Plenty of those over here.



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