> Interesting,  I also have experience in Compuset. Do you known Mr. Bulman ?

I personally don't have any experience with Compuset. Sorry.

> Are you happy with FO's speed ?

No. But that doesn't matter so much at the moment, because we will start
small and have designed our solution to be scalable (CPU power doesn't
cost much). I expect the redesign to improve performance and we're
determined to contribute some more work to FOP this year when we get air
to breathe again (well, maybe not too much in the performance part, I

> So do I understand that Jetform does not produce clean PS ? Isn't it 
> easier to use as FO (I do nor really know Jetform) ? Is it expensive ?

No DSC, at least. And the paper bin code is made for an HP laser printer,
not for a Xerox 4635. Jetform's support seems to be quite bad, too, from
what I've heard. Don't know about the price, though. Again, no
experience in that field. The customer uses Jetform, not us.

Jeremias Märki


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