Nope, not with the current FOP implementations.


On 02/22/02 22:07, "David Wood" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Using FOP 0.20.2 I found that linefeeds were preserved by default in
> blocks.
> Using FOP 0.20.3rc2 I found that they are no longer preserved.
> Furthermore, I discovered that "linefeed-treatement" has no effect:
> [WARN]: property - "linefeed-treatment" is not implemented yet.
> Is there any way to preserve linefeeds in the current version? I pull text
> from the database in such a way that all integral XML is escaped, and
> there is no way to disable this feature (MS at work)... So I actually have
> <P>...</P> tags, but they're escaped, and I can't seem to find a method in
> XSLT to unescape and use them...
> This leaves me stumped. So what's the newline situation?
> -David

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