I had a problem similar to this.  I scanned in a 
person's signature and opened it in Illustrator, then 
saved it as SVG.  Viewing the SVG file in IE and in 
Illustrator it looked fine, but in my pdf it was too 
large.  I then decided to convert the bitmap to a vector 
image using Streamline.  After the conversion, I saved 
it again in Illustrator as an SVG.  After this, it 
looked fine.

I know this isn't the most technically satisfying 
answer, but it may temporarily solve your problem.

Hope this helps,
John Fox
> Hi all,
> I am trying to fit a barcode image into a FOP 0.20.3 document (PDF). The
> image is much bigger in the PDF (screen or printed) than when i view it
> into an imaging tool.
> I have a constraint on the barcode image that make it impossible for the
> width to be less than about 250 pixels (I need to put 17 characters on
> this barcode). I can decrease this value a bit but not much.
> By reading the resources pages, I figured out that FOP was running at a
> fixed 'dots per inch' value (Actually 72 dpi).
> I looked at the source code and found org.apache.fop.svg.PdfTranscoder and
> org.apache.fop.svg.SVGElement seem to handle this issue.
> I have tried to hack these values using the following formula:
> value = 1/dpi-value*2.54.
> But it does not scale down. In fact, I am wondering if SVG is really
> involved in scaling the image (I use an fo:external-graphic).
> I also tried setting content-width and content-height to 50% but then FOP
> complains that "No conversion is defined". Seems to be it won't get the %
> character.
> Can anyone with similar experience help ?
> Thanks in advance
> Pascal

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