Do you know if it is possible to generate SVG from a bitmapped graphic
(GIF or JPEG. The API i use does not generate SVG unfortunately). I shall
give a try at SVG (if I can embed or convert the barcode image).

Oops, I got the impression you generated your barcodes as SVG, because you fiddled with an SVG class. If you use a bitmap format, simply put width and height on the fo:external-graphic element to scale it to the size tou want to have. Use any bitmap size you want, it will be scaled. This may give artifacts on low resolution screens, print it for final judgement. If you want to be sure that it is mapped to the printer without rounding artifacts, use an image width so that image-pixel-width/fo-width divides the printer resolution, for example printer: 600 dpi suggested resolution: 300 dpi width on paper output: 5.08 cm (2 inch) use 300 dpi*2inch=600 pixel width Each pixel of your bitmap will then be printed using 2 printer pixels (hopefully).

I am also considering the use of a barcode font. On the project for which
I am working, they used a barcode font in order to produce small but still
high quality barcodes). I wondered if it is possible to do such a thing
with FOP (I have seen somewhere in FOP samples that it was supposedly
possible but I have not yet given it a try).

It is possible, at least in theory. Get a font, and look into docs/htmnl/docs/fonts.html for how to use it with FOP. Unfortunately, barcodes are not unicode characters, and font importing sometimes fails because the font files do not contain an unicode mapping.


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