Hi John,

I don't know much about SVG. What exactly do you mean by using StreamLine
? Is it a process to turn a bitmap into vector based graphics ?
Can you give me more details about the solution you used ?



> Pascal,
> I had a problem similar to this.  I scanned in a
> person's signature and opened it in Illustrator, then
> saved it as SVG.  Viewing the SVG file in IE and in
> Illustrator it looked fine, but in my pdf it was too
> large.  I then decided to convert the bitmap to a vector
> image using Streamline.  After the conversion, I saved
> it again in Illustrator as an SVG.  After this, it
> looked fine.
> I know this isn't the most technically satisfying
> answer, but it may temporarily solve your problem.
> Hope this helps,
> John Fox
> Atlanta
> http://www.marymakes.com
>> Hi all,
>> I am trying to fit a barcode image into a FOP 0.20.3 document (PDF).
>> The image is much bigger in the PDF (screen or printed) than when i
>> view it into an imaging tool.
>> I have a constraint on the barcode image that make it impossible for
>> the width to be less than about 250 pixels (I need to put 17
>> characters on this barcode). I can decrease this value a bit but not
>> much.
>> By reading the resources pages, I figured out that FOP was running at
>> a fixed 'dots per inch' value (Actually 72 dpi).
>> I looked at the source code and found org.apache.fop.svg.PdfTranscoder
>> and org.apache.fop.svg.SVGElement seem to handle this issue.
>> I have tried to hack these values using the following formula:
>> value = 1/dpi-value*2.54.
>> But it does not scale down. In fact, I am wondering if SVG is really
>> involved in scaling the image (I use an fo:external-graphic).
>> I also tried setting content-width and content-height to 50% but then
>> FOP complains that "No conversion is defined". Seems to be it won't
>> get the % character.
>> Can anyone with similar experience help ?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Pascal

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