I stand corrected.
It does need to be a BooleanKey to work properly.
Once I fixed that it doesn't work anymore anyway.

I think various changes in batik mean that it needs to be handled

On Tue, 2002-06-11 at 00:15, Vollmer, Thomas - CannonSA wrote:
> Actually, that's not the case. Notice that I'm calling
> "public void setTranscodingHints(Map hints)" and NOT
> "public void setTranscodingHints(TranscodingHints hints)".
> The first does "this.hints.putAll(hints);" (i.e. "add"), 
> the second one does "this.hints = hints;" (i.e. replace).
> The JavaDoc for these two methods is a litte confusing
> by the way. I had to look at the code to figure this out.

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