The Arial font you're talking about is TrueType, right? You can't use
TrueType fonts with the PostScript renderer, yet. The PostScript
renderer is not anywhere near the functionality the PDF renderer offers.

I suggest you generate PDF files and convert them to PostScript using
Acrobat Reader (command line only available on Unix), GhostScript or

Normal procedures for adding fonts to FOP is here:

Please be aware that not every renderer support every font.

On 29.01.2003 18:16:35 Rodolfo M. Raya wrote:
> I need to use the PostScript renderer to produce documents with Unicode
> text.
> I can generate PDF with Korean text using Arial Unicode font from
> Microsoft, but PostScript renderer only supports FOP's built in fonts.
> Can I add Arial Unicode to the list of FOP fonts and use it from the
> PostScript renderer?
> Is there an outline of the procedure to add a font to FOP?

Jeremias Maerki

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