Are you talking about imposition (two-up)? Putting two pages besides
each other on one piece of paper? FOP can't do that, yet. You'd have to
use a third-party tool to do that.

On 20.08.2005 06:44:20 Prakash R wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm preparing a FO document in order to generate a
> catalog book. I would like to have two pages together
> such that they are on the same spread i.e. if the
> first page is an even page(left) then the next would
> be the following odd pages(right) making it on the
> same spread. On the other hand if the first page falls
> on an odd page(right), I would like to force a blank
> page and start it as an even page(left) so that the
> second page is an odd page(right) making it on the
> same spread.
> How can I achieve this? Any ideas would be greatly
> appreciated.

Jeremias Maerki

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