Simon Burton wrote:
We are using the latest fop version (0.20.5) and have a working
solution (apache/cocoon/fop using xsl stylesheet and xml to create a
PDF served up directly in the browser) on 3 of our servers but when
running against the 4th server the PDF is always blank. A PDF is
served in the browser via acrobat and it has the expected number of
pages but all the pages are completely blank.

First step: download the PDF with a command line utility and try
to open the downloaded PDF. If it is ok, the problem is probably
the client browser/Acrobat combo or the triple
webserver/browser/acrobat. You might need a HTTP header sniffer
in order to detect differences.
If the downloadad PDF from the forth server still has blank pages,
download one of the working PDFs and compare the files. If the
non-working PDF is shorter, check whether it has been truncated.
If so, you probably have a problem with the JVM on the server or the
servlet run time.
BTW the really interesting data are:
- Brand & version of the JDK/JRE
- Brand and version of the servlet container
- Version of the servlet container connector, if there is an Apache
 in front. There are versions in the wild which truncate output.
Anyway, you'll probably better ask further questions in a forum more
related to web applications.


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