nancy_b a écrit :
Hi Andreas,

I thought that it's enough to put the ZapfDingBat's hexadecimal code for the
symbol in my XML file (&#x206E) -and that's it - FOP will understand that it
has to pick up the Zapfdingbats font and draw the telephone symbol. That's
what I did. After compiling the PDF, I opened the .fo file, and here what I
      ☎  +1 (800) 425 9546

If you need the phone icon, then for FOP 0.95 or earlier, you would need one of the following:
<fo:character character="&#x260E;"
font-family="ZapfDingbats" font-weight="normal" font- style="normal" /> <fo:wrapper font-family="ZapfDingbats" font-weight="normal" font- style="normal">&#x260E;</fo:wrapper>
I thought
&#x206E is a deprecated Unicode character.
The right Unicode code is &#x260E;


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