On 04 Jun 2009, at 17:01, nancy_b wrote:

Hi Nancy

It seems that getting FOP from the trunk is too complicated for me. When is
the next binary FOP version due to?

Well, it was initially planned for early this year, but we didn't quite get around to it yet.

Regarding what you said about <fo:block linefeed- treatment="preserve"> - I
have no idea how to translate this into XSL/XML.

I admit, this probably requires a significant level of understanding all the Docbook stylesheets' code...

Meantime, I did some other tests. Bob Stayton suggested the following
workaround for producing special characters:
<xsl:template match="symb...@role = 'symbolfont']">
 <fo:inline font-family="Symbol">
   <xsl:call-template name="inline.charseq"/>

Personally, as mentioned, I'd make that fo:wrapper instead of fo:inline. fo:inline is really only useful if you need borders or special alignment (sub- or superscript), or if you need margins (which FOP currently does not completely support on inlines anyway). Not that it will have much impact on the result, but the memory consumption should decrease slightly. Every little bit helps there.

So I modified it by adding Zapfdingbats before Symbol, and used <symbol role = 'symbolfont'>&#x260E</symbol> in my XML. Guess what, it did show the phone
symbol, but also converted my math symbol into scissors (rrrrrrr).
So, I am sick and tired of this -- the only way out is to wait for bugfix in FOP, am
I right?

I think so. I'll build a fop.jar off today's trunk, and send it to you off-list, so you can try it out and see if that fares better (although I'd rather not see this becoming a standard practice, I'm always willing to make an exception now and then, until we get the automated snapshots operational again)



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