Andreas Delmelle wrote:
On 07 Jun 2009, at 12:45, nancy_b wrote:

Hi Andreas,

Hi Nancy,

Could I ask the last question in this long thread please?
Why are the Symbol and Zapfdiongbat fonts unavailable in italic/bold

Hmm... To be honest, I don't know the precise reason. On the other hand, I just played with some other Webdings fonts in OS X TextEdit, and none of them seem to allow formatting the characters in bold/ italic either. What would a user expect as output for a scissor in italic or bold?

Main point remains: FOP should probably just silently revert to 'normal' for the style/weight for those font-families.

Not sure I agree with you on this point. FOP should not silently revert to normal variants of any Font. A warning should be issued so the user knows there is a mistake in their XSL-FO - albeit a minor one.

Thank you a lot in advance for building fop.jar for me. You are so  kind!

No problem at all. To tell you the truth, if one has the environment set up correctly, that is just a one-minute job...



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