Dear Peter, thank you very much for your reply!

> You should just needĀ  fop-hyph.jarĀ  which you can get from
OK, this is the file I have mainly been working with, so I should be
on the right track here.

> The installation just involves putting this in the lib directory
Sadly (as I explained in my first mail) I can't find this directory in
my PC. I searched for any java/lib, or lib/java or lib/fop or fop/lib
directories without success.

> and the fop command will place it in the classpath.
OK, that's great, once I know which is the lib directory.

> Also, make sure that the (or does 
> not declare the
> user.hyph.dir property - you may have uncommented this declaration whilst
> trying to get things working.
I guess, these would apply for people who compile
their stuff, but as explained, I installed directly from the Ubuntu

So it seems, the only thing I am missing here is the location of the
"lib" directory?

Just in case, I post the content of the fop script below. Maybe this helps.


contents of /usr/bin/fop
#! /bin/sh

# Shell script wrapper around the fop program,
# Copyright 2008 by Vincent Fourmond <>
# Licensed under the same terms as fop itself, that is under
# the conditions of the Apache 2 licencee.

# Include the wrappers utility script
. /usr/lib/java-wrappers/

# We prefer to use openjdk or Sun's java if available
find_java_runtime openjdk sun  || find_java_runtime

find_jars commons-io avalon-framework serializer xalan2 xml-apis
find_jars batik-all commons-logging servlet-api xercesImpl xmlgraphics-commons
find_jars xml-apis-ext
find_jars fop

# comment this line if you want fop to run without headless property

run_java $HEADLESS org.apache.fop.cli.Main "$@"

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