Thank you, Vincent, for taking the time to clarify this not-really-a-FOP-issue!

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 7:35 AM, Vincent Hennebert <> wrote:
> The Debian/Ubuntu developers don’t use the shell script provided with
> FOP. They wrote their own script (which, BTW, is quite neat) that is
> adapted to the way Java is handled on those platforms. For example,
> instead of shipping the dependencies with the FOP package, they made
> separate packages for each of them (Apache Commons IO, Batik, XML
> Graphics Commons, etc.). That way, if other packages share common
> dependencies, those will be installed only once and not duplicated all
> over the system.
> Now, there appears to be a missing package relating to the hyphenation
> patterns.

Sadly, it seems like they haven't been able to package the OFFO
hyphenation patterns because of licensing issues. Even though the
description in
states that "all files hosted by the OFFO project come with an
OSI-approved Open Source license...", closer inspection reveals that
many languages have received customizations with additional
restrictions. For example en_US.xml, which 'can be used freely for
non-commercial purposes'.

(In my opinion, these modifications should not have been accepted in OFFO.)

> What you should ask the Debian/Ubuntu developers is to create
> one and make the FOP package depend on it (more precisely, ‘recommend’
> it).

I will forward your comments to the FOP package manager.

> As a user you shouldn’t have to modify any file installed by the package
> system (other than configuration files).

Sure, you're right! So I'll stick to my
unelegant/unsafe/not-recommended use of JAVA_CLASSPATH meanwhile.  ;)


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