Simon, even if your instructions didn't work, you helped me to get it
finally working!

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 6:22 PM, Simon Pepping <> wrote:
> You are right, on Debian (and Ubuntu) systems these instructions do
> not work.
> On my debian system the fop script is a little different from yours:
> diff of /usr/bin/fop with your fop script
> ==========
>  find_jars xml-apis-ext
> +
> +# We load the hyphenation jar at the request of the user.
> +if [ "$FOP_HYPHENATION_PATH" ]; then
> +    find_jars $FOP_HYPHENATION_PATH
> +fi
>  find_jars fop
> 4 lines were added. This addition allows you to put fop-hyph.jar
> wherever you like, e.g. in /usr/local/lib/java/fop-hyph.jar, or in
> ~/fop-hyph.jar, and set
> export FOP_HYPHENATION_PATH=/usr/local/lib/java/fop-hyph.jar

Strangely, this did not work. I added these lines to my /usr/bin/fop
script, but even after successfully exporting FOP_HYPHENATION_PATH to
the correct location, FOP still couldn't find the patterns.

But your patch led me to inspect the
/usr/lib/java-wrappers/ script, where I discovered
that I could use JAVA_CLASSPATH instead. Thus, the following lines
finally DO WORK as expected:

$ export JAVA_CLASSPATH=$JAVA_CLASSPATH:/home/work/hyphenation/fop-hyph.jar
$ fop result.pdf

I don't know if this is "elegant", safe, or recommended practice. But
it does the job perfectly for me, as I use FOP exclusively from
command-line and bash scripts, and don't need to launch from any

Since I am currently in contact with the Ubuntu packager, I will tell
him the results.

Thank you very much, Simon!

Regards, Jerzy

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