In FPS, we set each ftProps attribute to <key>:<value>.  We also include both 
the Fortress JAR and the LDAP client JAR.  Searching in FPS always uses LDAP 
queries, so if you're looking for "country" that starts with "C", you can use:


If you (Pike) want a walk-through of the code we can grab a focus room for 20 


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originated in California.” – Edsger Dijkstra

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> On Oct 13, 2016, at 9:56 AM, Chris Pike <> wrote:
> I think that will work, but I don't see a way to search by user properties, 
> so I still think we need to decide how to expose searching through the API.

Yes to exposing a new search apis for prop names, values (see prev comments)

As for how to search by prop name, something like this….

String searchVal = encodeSafeText( user.getUserId(), GlobalIds.USERID_LEN );
filterbuf.append( GlobalIds.FILTER_PREFIX );
filterbuf.append( Config.getInstance().getProperty( USER_OBJECT_CLASS ) );
filterbuf.append( ")(" );
filterbuf.append( GlobalIds.PROPS );
filterbuf.append( "=" );
filterbuf.append( searchVal );
filterbuf.append( “mypropname” + “*” + ))" );

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