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> I am trying to understand why Fossil itself does not use the built-in
> ticketing functionality. I understand that trolls + spammers may be a
> problem, but can't ticket changes simply be approved/denied? Using the
> ticketing system would give more people the opportunity to understand what
> bugs are being worked on, what features are being added, etc. Having a
> single place to document bugs and feature requests is the best way to see
> the status of a project at a glance. Yes, we have this mailing list and
> soon we will have forums, but I don't think bug reports should reside in
> these places.

Fossil used to use its own ticketing system more, but experience showed
that it was simply less hassle to use the mailing list. That certainly
isn't true for all projects. In the majority of cases, reported bugs are
literally not bugs - they're misunderstandings of how to use fossil. A
large portion of the "real bugs" reported often ended up resolved within
hours of someone reporting them on the mailing list, making the
administration via a ticket system more overhead than it was worth. Yes,
there's always that minority of bugs for which tracking them in the ticket
system makes sense, but it simply fell out of fashion to do so.

i see that Richard just answered, so i'll stop there and see what he says
on the topic. If there's any conflict of opinions, he wins, of course ;).

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