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> A lot of "How do Iā€¦?" questions can be answered by searching the archives
> of the mailing list :
> https://www.mail-archive.com/fossil-users@lists.fossil-scm.org/

People don't do that, though. In every support forum in the universe, some
appreciable percentage of posts are asking the same thing which the fellow
3 posts down from them is asking. (The BoardGameGeek forums are _prime_
examples of this.)

Since it's apparently not mentionned currently ā€” I had to google "fossil
> scm mailing list" to find it ā€”, I suggest updating the Docs section of
> www.fossil-scm.org page to add a link.

Richard is in the process of replacing the mailing list, so it's unlikely
to get a link on the home page.

> And maybe one day, move the mailing list to a web-based forum entirely so
> that people can post questions directly.

That's exactly what Richard is currently implementing. That alone won't
stop the "how do i" posts - it's a Cosmic Rule that many people won't
bother searching a forum (beyond a casual Google effort) before posting
their own (oft-repeated) query. :/.

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