A lot of "How do Iā€¦?" questions can be answered by searching the archives of the mailing list :


Since it's apparently not mentionned currently ā€” I had to google "fossil scm mailing list" to find it ā€”, I suggest updating the Docs section of www.fossil-scm.org page to add a link.

And maybe one day, move the mailing list to a web-based forum entirely so that people can post questions directly.

On 03/08/2018 20:26, Dan Barbarito wrote:
Take your time drh, this is by no means urgent. I really appreciate the clarification.

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    On 8/3/18, Dan Barbarito <d...@barbarito.me
    <mailto:d...@barbarito.me>> wrote:
    > Hi all, I am trying to understand why Fossil itself does not use the
    > built-in ticketing functionality. I understand that trolls +
    spammers may be
    > a problem, but can't ticket changes simply be approved/denied?

    I tried that. What I found was that I was spending an inordinate
    amount of time pressing the "Reject" button on new ticket moderation
    because almost all tickets were of the form "How do I do ..."

    Maybe the forum will turn out the same way. I won't know until we try
    it. Maybe with a forum in place, we won't get so many "How do I
    do..." tickets and we can turn tickets back on.

    I have your request. I have a really long queue right now. I need to
    spend several days (probably) working on SQLite. I'll get back to
    this Fossil enhancement as I am able. Thank you for your feedback -
    it is important. I will deal with it as soon as I can.
-- D. Richard Hipp
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