As a specific example, to the question, "Do you agree that viewing
    proprietary software as 'illegitimate', 'immoral', 'antisocial' and/or
    'unethical' should be a pre-condition for syndication on Planet GNOME?", so
    far 151 respondents have answered "No", only 19 have answered "Yes". That's
    about an 8-to-1 ratio.

That goes far beyond what I said, and I would not propose it.  It
seems that a significant minority have views on this issue much
stronger than mine.

What worries me is that you presented this question inaccurately here
as pertaining to my views.  The readers here have seen what I said and
can see the difference.  But if you said the same thing elsewhere,
that would constitute misrepresenting my views to the public.
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