In the interests of a broader collection of data, I've shelled out of my own
pocket to set up a professional-level SurveyMonkey account (the use of which
I will happily share with the Foundation, at least until the annual
subscription runs out, if it wishes to conduct surveys of its own).

I've set up a survey to collect some data on how people view the suggestions
that have been made regarding the governance of Planet GNOME, and I
encourage anyone who's interested to participate. The survey can be found at

So far, we've gotten over 170 responses, and public opinion doesn't seem to
be generally running in favor of Mr. Stallman's proposal, at a rate of
roughly four against to one in favor, in the best of circumstances. The
survey attempts to probe a little more deeply, but if the results are
indicative of anything, Mr. Stallman's views here represent a minority

As a specific example, to the question, "Do you agree that viewing
proprietary software as 'illegitimate', 'immoral', 'antisocial' and/or
'unethical' should be a pre-condition for syndication on Planet GNOME?", so
far 151 respondents have answered "No", only 19 have answered "Yes". That's
about an 8-to-1 ratio.

I'll publish more detailed results before the week is out.

On consideration, I now believe there's no need to call for a vote of the
Foundation membership.

Since the problem doesn't seem to exist, there's no need to do anything with
Planet. Similarly, I see no need to expend any further energy on the GNOME's
community's part on dealing with this. If the GNU Project finds the current
level of expression on Planet GNOME intolerably unsupportive of the free
software movement, for whatever reasons, they can certainly take whatever
steps they feel are necessary.

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