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>     That's where the cash for things like my FSF-E
>     Fellowship, EFF membership, Creative Commons membership, etc., come from,
>     see?
> These are worthy causes, but I would not encourage anyone to use
> non-free software even to get money to give to a worthy cause.

I knew you'd feel that way, which is why I send my money to FSF-Europe,
rather than the FSF.

> However, the issue here isn't about what you use or what I use, it's
> about what GNOME should say to the world about proprietary software.

One more time: Planet GNOME <> The GNOME Foundation <> GNOME

> I don't know how often proprietary software is mentioned favorably
> there.  If the problem happens at intervals of years, maybe very
> little response is needed.  Maybe the GNOME Board should respond by
> posting a response when non-free software gets favorably mentioned.

Non-free software can't even be "favorably mentioned"?

A discussion of the relative merits of GIMP and Photoshop is inadmissible if
it admits, however grudgingly, that Photoshop has some advantages or
features that GIMP does not...? We're disallowed from saying that Xcode on
OS X is, in fact, an excellent development environment...? No one can
comment in a positive way on a new cell phone or digital camera, without the
Board of Directors of the GNOME Foundation coming down on them....?

Wow. You and I have extremely different ideas about "freedom", Mr. Stallman.

> I don't know how often proprietary software is mentioned favorably
> there.

I see.

Do you actually ever _read_ Planet GNOME, Mr. Stallman...? Perhaps you
should call for a ban of the use of the term "open source" there, or of
"Linux" unless it's in specific reference to the kernel, as a "minimal"
requirement to "support free software". Those happen a _lot_ more often.

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